Buying a flock of chicken is only the first step in your journey as a poultry farmer. At G.A Limited we always put the needs of our customers first. Our team of seasoned poultry experts are always on standby to address any concerns that you may have at an stage of your farming career. Please take a look at the services that we offer below:

Consultancy and Training services

Practical and hands on training

Are you in the course of diving into poultry farming and you lack an idea of the do’s and don’ts? Avoid making costly rookie mistakes by engaging with our team of experts. We guarantee you the best professional advice that will ensure that you design a profitable poultry venture. Within this mandate we give the following services for free:

  • Farm visits.
  • Advisory on incubation equipment.
  • Advisory on feeds and medicine.

Sale of Chicks

Delivery within Nairobi & it's environs

Our main focus is on kienyeji chicken whereby we specialize in the following breeds of chicken: Kuroiler, Rainbow, Kari improved kienyeji and the indigenous chicken. These breeds have the following advantages:

  • Starts laying eggs from five to five and a half months
  • Low feeding and maintenance cost, you can supplement domestic feeds, very tasty and quality meat with good quality eggs with yellow yolk.
  • While indigenous chicken produce about 40 eggs per year, our exotic breeds do about 150 eggs in the same period.

Sellers Platform

Ready market for your produce

We offer a unique platform where sellers of poultry and related products can readily sell their chicks and mature chicken, saving you advertisement and delivery fees. All you need to get started is to fill our contact form with the following information:

  • Your name and location of your farm.
  • Estimated stock that you want to sell.
  • The amount that you will charge for each chick/chicken.

Buyers platform

Delivery at your doorstep

Our catalogue ranges from one day old chicks to mature cocks and hens at very affordable prices. Our delivery is only limited to Nairobi at the moment and the orders are to be picked on Thursdays without storage facility fee. Once you place an order, you are expected to pay 50% of the cost and the rest can be settled on delivery along with the delivery charges. We will need the following information to process your order:

  • The stock of chicks that you want to rear. Please note that there is minimum delivery of 50 chicks
  • The location of your farm.
  • Additional requirements such as consultancy of farm structures.

Dairy Farming

Profitable Dairy Farming starts here

We are incredibly passionate about our products and our people. With demand for milk rising rapidly, we have identified the best breed to maximize on milk production. You can be sure that quality is something that we take very seriously.

Through our online platform, farmers have access to an entire world of high quality cows. We offer detailed information on the cows available, their health status, breeding history and records of the cattle.

Fruit Farming

Diversified Agroecological Farming

We are farmers on a journey to transform agriculture, and produce the healthiest fruit & vegetables nature can grow. Passion fruit is one of the ancient fruits known to mankind, mostly grown in tropical and subtropical areas of the world especially in the Mediterranean. It is a nutritious fruit that is richer in iron and copper contents than other fruits. They are rich in carbohydrates, vitamin A and C.

Chicken feeds

Profitable Poultry Farming starts here

Chicken feeds are important for maintenance and production of meat and eggs for both exotic and indigenous chickens. Feed component include energy feeds: maize, white sorghum, millet, maize grains and minerals: The most important minerals are calcium and phosphorous.

  • Balanced for energy proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Fortified with coccidiostat and other feed activities.
  • Approximately 2kg per chick needed for two months.
  • Crude protein: 20% on dry matter basis.
  • Crude fibre: <7% on dry matter basis

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