There are many reasons why poultry should have a well-constructed house. We have poultry housing and equipment in Kenya that will protect your poultry from climatic extremes such as direct sun, provide comfort, reasonably cool in the hot weather, free from drafts and sufficiently warm during the cool weather.

Consultancy & Training

We are a professional agribusiness consulting company in Kenya offering advisory and consultancy services to the agricultural sector, with a deliberate focus on poultry farming advisory and project management services. Get in touch with us and avoid rookie mistakes.

Dairy Farming

We are incredibly passionate about our products and our people. With demand for milk rising rapidly, we have identified the best breed to maximize on milk production in Kenya. You can be sure that quality is something that we take very seriously.


At G.A Limited, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality feed, outstanding customer service, meeting the agreed delivery dates and keeping the sales prices controlled in accordance with ongoing market trends

Fruit Farming

We are farmers on a journey to transform agriculture, and produce the healthiest fruit & vegetables nature can grow.

Empowering farmers with knowledge in poultry farming


At G.A. limited, we connect farmers with quality chicks and further build their capacity through poultry farming training that equips them with skills on the the best practices that should be applied in order to achieve success in their poultry farming venture

Farm Construction/Design


advice as you plan to build your next poultry house

Planning to start a poultry farm in Kenya? or build a new poultry house? We develop architectural designs for poultry houses, add bills of quantity and supervise contractors throughout the construction period to ensure that you have an appropriate poultry house for your chicken.

We have poultry house plans in Kenya that are expandable and can house a stock of 100 chicken all the way to thousands of chicken. Before you ‘make concrete mistakes’, call us for advice as you plan to build your next poultry house.

Poultry Feeds and Equipement

We provide specially formulated feeds for kienyeji chicken breeds in Kenya. Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, our feeds are nutritionally balanced to guarantee fast growth and development of your kienyeji chicken, coupled with optimum egg production from your hens during their productive egg laying period. We also give you access to high performance egg incubators for hatching your own chicks.

Quote of the Day


The meat and poultry industries are outstanding industries, and it’s going to be a very natural fit for me.


~ Mike Johanns ~

We guarantee you the best professional advice that will ensure that you design a profitable poultry venture.

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